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Part of the enjoyment of travelling abroad is experiencing a different lifestyle. However, part of the experience is encountering different safety and hygiene standards to those we are used to at home. At Spanish Harbour the wellbeing of our clients is our priority and we are actively seeking to raise health and safety standards in all our villas and overseas destinations. Our rigorous and uncompromising pre-season inspections, which often include recommendations made by professional UK consultants, ensure that every effort is made to make your holiday problem free, enjoyable, and most importantly, safe.

Health and Hygiene
It is particularly important that you take extra care to minimise the higher risk of holiday sickness when travelling abroad. Pregnant women, the very young and old are particularly vulnerable to stomach upsets.

You should discuss your travel plans with your General Practitioner well before departure.

Hot sun combined with alcohol and new foods can cause stomach upsets so take remedies from home. Drinking bottled water and avoiding ice will reduce risk. Insect repellent is highly recommended. Do make sure you take an adequate supply of any medicines needed, as prescription equivalents may not be available in your holiday area.

Ask your holiday consultant for up to date advice and the latest known Foreign Office advice. See also: Safety on holiday

Safety on holiday and Spain Holiday
It is important to remember that safety and hygiene standards in many foreign countries may differ from those taken for granted at home. While our villas are always obliged to meet local safety regulations, these may not match UK standards which are among the highest in the world. This applies to most Mediterranean resorts.

We nevertheless seek to raise standards in all our overseas destinations by taking advice of the UK's leading health and safety organisations on issues that concern you.

Whilst resorts are generally safe, as at home you are advised not to walk alone at night in unlit areas or display jewellery or valuables.

First for accommodation
By working together with accommodation owners, we strive continuously to improve general safety in all the villas we feature. In some resorts, however, local regulations aimed at preserving the historic nature or aesthetic beauty of the property may prevent owners providing levels of safety with which we're familiar. As always, we ask you to take extra care while on holiday.

Gas Safety
If your accommodation has a gas cooker always double check that it has been turned off properly, as you would at home. In many cases you will find that the gas is supplied direct from a bottle. As an extra precaution, turn the supply off at the bottle neck when it is not in use. Seek the help of the agent or our Representative if you have any concerns about gas.

Swimming Pools
Relax in the knowledge that all pools featured in this brochure are regularly checked by Representatives to ensure you have a safe and happy time in and around them.

You need to adopt a sensible attitude around the pool and make sure that children and non-swimmers are supervised at all times. Diving is not permitted in swimming pools. Take care when walking around the pool, as pool surrounds are often slippery when wet. You should not enter the pool after drinking alcohol.

Here are some tips to ensure safety at all times when using the swimming pool:

Always check the pool design and layout before getting in.
Check your height in relation to the pool depth.
Find out where the deep and shallow areas are, plus any slopes.
Check for any `hidden' obstacles in the water eg ledges.
Diving is not permitted in our swimming pools.
Do not use the pool if you cannot see the bottom.
Swim before eating and drinking, not immediately after.
Check what to do in an emergency. If it is not stated, ask.
Always supervise children
Do not swim in the dark
Remember to always use adequate protection against the sun's rays.

And Safety Last
Although all customers of Spanish Harbour Villa Holidays are required to purchase appropriate holiday insurance, preventing accidents before they happen is better than cure:

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Spanish holidays

Villas in Spain are incredibly popular places to stay for overseas tourists. There are many thousands of incredibly holiday villas in Spain located all over the country, although the highest concentration is undoubtedly in the popular tourist resorts such as Costa Del Sol.

Why go anywhere else for real estate and property in Spain?

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Safety on holiday
Although all customers of Spanish Harbour Villa Holidays are required to purchase appropriate holiday insurance, preventing accidents before they happen is better than cure.

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